Gambling Addiction: Fact or Fallacy?

Addiction to gambling is becoming a huge problem in the United States. Gambling addiction has risen dramatically over the past 20 years and the numbers of addicts have risen along with the increase in gambling rooms, race tracks and casinos. The number of states that have created task forces to address the problem of gambling addiction are now increasing as well. If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction to gambling, it is important to seek treatment immediately.

Many people associate addiction to gambling with the use of computers and the internet, however there are other ways that gambling addiction can develop. Many gambling addicts start by playing at local card tables at bars or clubs. These places are ideal for developing a gambling addiction due to the low monetary stakes, high social interaction and the opportunity to meet people who share similar experiences. While playing at these establishments gambling addicts will often attempt to make money through illegal means, such as credit card scams, credit card jackpot winnings or any number of tricks. While many of these methods are considered gray-hat strategies, the fact is that gambling addicts will try anything to get ahead and will often do so in the face of extreme emotional and financial pressure.

Over time the casino games that they become accustomed to begin to represent real money and their addiction to the game’s increases. There are a variety of reasons why gambling addicts may enter the habit. In many cases it comes out of a personal need to find a way to make some money in order to provide for bills or to help pay off debts. It may also stem from an intense need to belong and have social approval. However, it is important to realize that gambling addiction is a real disorder and is not merely a temporary reaction to stress or a situation.

Although many gamblers initially set up a “lifestyle” to accommodate their gambling addiction it can soon spiral out of control. Many gamblers fail to realize the serious damage that gambling addiction can cause in their lives and the external pressures it can bring upon them. Gambling problems can result in broken relationships, problems with the law and even bankruptcy for those who are unable to change their ways. Gamblers are increasingly becoming more visible in today’s society as the number of casinos increases, but it is important to note that the problem does not go away if a person is not willing to address their problems.

It is a fact that many gamblers may find themselves surrounded by people who are either gamblers themselves or have an interest in gambling. This can lead to unhealthy situations where the person gambling has to seek company with people who share the same addiction. Gambling addiction is truly a serious disorder that must be tackled head on. Millions of Americans have an interest in or have a hobbyist interest in gambling and many live such lifestyles that they need professional assistance.

If you think that you have a gambling problem then seek professional assistance immediately. Many times treatment centers and organizations offer treatments for gambling addiction and work with recovering gamblers to help them overcome their problems. Gamblers do have problems to deal with, but the main thing is to keep gambling under control and always be aware of when it is out of control and seeking help.