A Look At Sic Bo House Edge

Sic Bo, also called siu bai, big and little or dai sieu, hi-low and large, is a game of luck of old Chinese origin played on three dice. Although sometimes referred to as “Chinese cross-dice” (where the names are misspelled as ” Chang Feng” and “Chang Shi”), the name is often applied to a game with two dice. Chuck-a- Luck and grand risk are common variations, both of English origin, where the literal translation of sic bo is ‘precious beads’. In some publications, however, the term sic bo is used interchangeably with jack and ten.

Sic Bo is probably best recognized by its acronymic name, SIC! ( SIng Baad) It is usually played at casinos and at bars, and is the most popular game for players new to casino gambling. Like many other games of chance, it involves risks that may not be fully understood by most players, but a certain amount of knowledge about the mechanics of the game can go a long way toward mitigating risks and enhancing profits. This makes sicbo one of the easier casino game craps games to play.

There are a few distinct advantages to playing sicbo over other options. First, unlike many games of chance that require the same number of bets, sicbo uses the number of dice combinations (which is always three) that is rolled for the same “reward” or “loot”. Unlike most slots games, in which the maximum payoff is contingent on the reels, sicbo pays out based on the decisions of the casino owners and dealers. Because all the decisions in sicbo are made in reference to the cards already in play, it is possible to assign a more favorable likelihood of earning rewards to subsequent plays.

This probability function is what determines whether you are paying high or low in return for your bets. In sicbo, if you select a specific number for your first bet, you can be fairly certain that you are on the road to earning a decent profit over the long haul. That specific number, called your house edge, will always equal the sum of the expected (normal) returns on your initial sicbo bet plus the rake, minus your rake, less any initial investment. Your expected ROI will be much higher than what you would stand to make if you selected a different number for your initial bet.

Another advantage to playing sicbo over other options is the flexibility of the game. If you are just getting started with internet casino gambling, sicbo offers you a great opportunity to gain experience and hone your skills before placing larger bets in live casinos. The way to do this is not by placing bets on single games, but rather, by diversifying your bets into multi-game play with different kinds of bets. For example, you might choose to spread your bets across three different games of craps (the same system that is used in standard online casinos), while leaving the table open for a designated player to win a jackpot between all of your bets.

Of course, a good sicbo game also offers you the opportunity to increase your profits by taking the opposite approach. If you win the first three bets on any given game, you can then choose to take one of the two small bets (called “chips”) and the house edge will take off the amount by the amount of your small stake. You can see how taking this kind of broader view can allow you to maximize your overall profit potential by betting on more than one game. The three dice total bet at the bottom of the screen is the basic wager structure in most sicbo games.